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    Utica Capital Series 2017 – Register Today

    Wednesday, April 5, 2017 – Utica Upstream
    (exploration and production, oil and gas public policy)

    Wednesday, June 7, 2017 – Utica Midstream
    (pipelines and processing plants, getting energy to market)

    Wednesday, October 11, 2017 – Utica Summit
    (downstream development: ethane cracker plants, sustainable jobs in manufacturing, gas-fired power generation, world trade)

    All three events will be at the Barrette Center at Walsh University in North Canton.

    Utica Upstream Speakers (to date):

    Colette Breshears

    Colette Breshears

    Natural Gas Analyst, Genscape

    Colette Breshears is a member of the data analysis team at Genscape. With the world’s largest private network of on-the-ground sensors and other technology, Genscape keeps track of product flow through the midstream pipeline networks. The data analysis team takes that information and builds production forecasts – drilling forecasts – around the ability to bring new gas to market.

    Chris Zeigler

    Chris Zeigler

    Executive Director, API Ohio, a division of the American Petroleum Institute

    Chris Zeigler is executive director of API Ohio, a division of the American Petroleum Institute. With over 20 years of public service experience, Zeigler has worked successfully with diverse groups of government, civic and business stakeholders.

    As API Ohio executive director, Zeigler leads the organization’s legislative and public outreach efforts. He also coordinates API Ohio’s educational and work group activities.
    Zeigler previously served as chief of staff to Ohio Congressman Pat Tiberi. He has also worked for several Ohio legislators, including former Ohio House Speaker Jo Ann Davidson.

    Dr. Andrew Thomas

    Dr. Andrew Thomas

    Associate Professor of International Business at the University of Akron

    Andrew R. Thomas, PhD is Associate Professor of International Business at the University of Akron; and, the bestselling author of 21 books.

    His most recent books include “Global Supply Chain Security”, and “The Customer Trap: How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake in Business”.

    His forthcoming work is “Shale Energy and the Supply Chain: Business and Geopolitical Implications of the Fracking Revolution”.

    Andrew is founding editor-in-chief of the Journal of Transportation Security, contributing editor at Industry Week, and a regularly featured analyst for media outlets around the world such as BBC, CNBC, Fox News, CNN, and ABC.

    He is a founding member of the National Academy of Sciences, Global Supply Chain Security Subcommittee.

    A successful global entrepreneur, Dr. Thomas has traveled to and done business in 120 countries on all seven continents.

    Jackie Stewart

    Jackie Stewart

    State Director, Energy in Depth

    How have our public institutions (schools and local governments) benefited from Utica exploration? This experienced advocate for energy development will tell you.

    Dan Schweitzer

    Dan Schweitzer

    Stark State College

    Dan is director of the oil and gas technical education programs at Stark State, an Ohio leader in meeting the needs of energy employers. He will offer his observations on workforce needs.

    Chris Ventura

    Chris Ventura

    Executive Director, Consumer Energy Alliance

    Chris Ventura is Executive Director for Consumer Energy Alliance – Midwest is based in Columbus, Ohio.

    Prior to joining CEA, Ventura served as Senior Project Manager for the Ohio House of Representatives under Speaker William Batchelder. While serving in this position, he was responsible for managing enterprise-level database development and organizational change management dealing with constituent outreach for the Ohio House of Representatives.

    Ventura also served as Legislative Aide and Clerk of the Policy and Legislative Oversight Committee for State Representative Michael Dovilla. Ventura provided strategic counsel on policy issues ranging from electricity generation and manufacturing to cybersecurity and travel and tourism.

    In addition to his policy work, Ventura has successfully implemented social media strategies and directed website development for numerous trade associations, political candidates, and campaign committees.

    He holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from The American University with a focus on State / Local Government and Management Consulting and a B.A. in Adolescent Young Adult Social Studies Education from Baldwin Wallace University.


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    You will receive the following benefits at any event you choose to sponsor:

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    • Use of a 6-foot display table at Utica Summit IV.



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    Have questions about the Utica Capital Series? Write or call:

    Vice President of Public Policy and Energy
    Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce | 330.458.2059

    Event Assistant
    Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce | 330.458.2070

    These speakers presented at Utica Summit IV on October 11, 2016:

    Tom Gellrich

    Tom Gellrich

    Topline Analytics, Philadelphia, PA

    CLICK HERE to view Tom’s presentation.

    David Ledonne

    David Ledonne

    VP of Operations, Utica and Appalachia, MarkWest Energy Partners, L.P.

    CLICK HERE to view David’s presentation.

    Stan Glover

    Stan Glover

    Zeiger Industries of Canton, Ohio, and Society of the Plastics industry

    CLICK HERE to view Stan’s presentation.

    Joe C. Eddy

    Joe C. Eddy

    President/CEO of Eagle Manufacturing

    CLICK HERE to view Joe’s presentation.

    Zac Gordon

    Zac Gordon

    Project Manager, South Field Energy

    CLICK HERE to view Zac’s presentation.

    Guhan Venkatu

    Guhan Venkatu

    Vice President and Senior Regional Officer, Pittsburgh Branch, Fourth District Federal Reserve Bank

    CLICK HERE to view Guhan’s presentation.

    Charlie Riedl

    Charlie Riedl

    Executive Director, Center for Liquefied Natural Gas, Washington, DC

    CLICK HERE to view Charlie’s presentation.

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